Heart-stopping moment girl escapes serious injury after being hit by car

A girl on a scooter escaped serious injury after she was hit by a car in Newark. Credit: Natalie May / Facebook

This is the terrifying moment a girl escaped serious injury after being hit by a car.

The girl was riding a scooter and suddenly appeared behind a parked car as she tried to cross the road in Newark.

The heart-stopping incident was caught on a dash cam and shared on social media by the driver's daughter.

In the footage, you can hear the girl clipping the side of the car. According to reports on social media, the girl escaped with just cuts and bruises while the driver was left shaken.

Sharing the video on Facebook, Natalie May posted: "So my poor dad is driving this vehicle. Please do not let your little ones out on their own, don’t leave them unaided for a second especially on main roads.

"Fortunately this little girl gets to live and see another day. My dad is badly shaken and in bits, he thought he had killed her. Imagine having to live with that, when the whole situation was out of your control. It doesn’t help that some idiot thinks that’s a good place to park their car.

"My dad's only saving grace was this video, otherwise our family could now be question why our dad has been arrested. Think people!"

The incident happened on Bowbridge Road in Newark on October 11.