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Badger released back into wild after being rescued from skate park

A badger has been rescued from a skate park after he was unable to climb out of the concrete 'bowl'.

The badger has now been rescued Credit: RSPCA

The badger was left frightened after being unable to use his claws to climb out of it.

He was rescued at Brinton Park in Kidderminster by an RSPCA officer.

“This poor badger would have been so stressed being stuck like that, as they are such timid wild creatures. This poor chap had actually worn his claws down from trying to climb up the smooth edges of concrete so much. He was bleeding a little bit, so I took him to a vet to get him checked over.

Thankfully, his claws weren’t badly damaged and the vet gave us the all clear to release him back to the wild. My colleague ACO Baird watched as the badger scuttled off, no worse for wear after his ordeal.”

– RSPCA animal collection officer Mark Lewis