Shocking footage shows pranksters lying on tracks moments before oncoming tram

Footage of people lying on tracks just metres away from an oncoming tram in Nottinghamshire has prompted fears it could lead to a serious accident.

A driver captured the incident unfold on his dash cam on Tuesday 23rd October.

The video appears to show at least three people run onto the tracks at the Holy Trinity stop, in Clifton.

The driver, Ian Arnold, 48, who took the footage said: "I was just driving home and stopped at the lights when I saw it happen. They got up and caught the tram.

"I've seen people messing about near the tram before but never lying down on it. They were obviously doing it for a dare.

"It was shocking to see. I looked over and realised what they were doing. I got home and looked at the dashcam footage from my car.

"There was a tram coming round that you can see on the video."

The footage captures at least three people lying on the tram tracks. Credit: BPM Media

The ages of the people involved are unknown. Residents and councillors labelled the incident as a prank.

Robert Levers, 67, a retired delivery driver, said: "This is the latest craze, I believe: lay down in front of a tram seems to be to me anyway. I think it's just a prank, a temporary prank.

"It's just a reflection of the civilisation and society we live in nowadays."

Councillors, meanwhile, fear such behaviour could spread and needs to be dealt with.

Councillor Roger Steel, said "It's a stupid, irresponsible prank and they need to stop.

"If someone leaves it to the last minute and then trips, falls over onto the track and the tram does not have a stopping distance, there could be a really serious accident".

A spokesman for Nottingham Express Transit (NET), which runs the tram network, said those involved put their lives on the line.

It comes less than a week after the tram operator released footage showing a number of near misses and crashes on the tram network in a bid to improve safety on roads.