National Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse in Nottinghamshire ends with calls for change

After three weeks of evidence a national inquiry into how local authorities and police in Nottinghamshire failed to protect children in their care, ended today with passionate calls for change from the survivors.

After 15 days of listening to testimony at the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, our correspondent Phil Brewster draws these three key points from the evidence he's heard.

  • The extent of the abuse - 903 allegations of abuse made, 617 suspects named, 22 children's homes under investigation.

  • The missed opportunities by the city and county councils.

  • The courage and determination of survivors to tell their stories.

Today in closing speeches, there were passionate words.

A warning that people may find the evidence of survivors in our report below looking back at the last 15 days upsetting.

Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council issued these statements at the close of proceedings.

The panel will now consider the evidence heard over the last three weeks and draw conclusions. It's expected to be made public next year, possibly early next summer.

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