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How stunning sand sculptures of fallen First World War heroes were made

Credit: PA
  • Sand sculptures were created at beaches around the UK to honour fallen servicemen and women of the First World War
  • They were designed by specialists in ephemeral artwork, who carried out practice designs the day before.
  • The images included poet Wilfred Owen and footballer and army officer Walter Tull.

The beach is such a beautiful place, there's nothing we can do to improve such a location. When we draw, we're just visiting

– Jamie Wardley, Artistic director

Specialists artists designed more than 30 images, trained teams and organised the logistics for the different locations - all with different tides.

They arrived on Armistice Day at 3:00 in terrible weather conditions to start the artwork.

They had a window of a few hours to draw on the wet beach, but they were always meant to only be there for a few hours.

Credit: PA

I'd be horrified if something we'd drawn was there the day after, we want it to go...we create that moment, and then the sea comes and takes it away

– Jamie Wardley, Artistic director
Credit: PA

It's a metaphor for life. We're all here, we try to make the best of our lives, but they end

– Jamie Wardley, Artistic director

As the sun rose, 1000s of people gathered to watch them draw portraits, some as high as six foot.

At 11:00, as silence was held, the sea took the sculptures.

Today the sculptors were in Nottingham, where this time they were working with ice, designing an ice bar.