Music used to treat man with brain tumour

Credit: ITV News Central

A teenager from Leicester who was diagnosed with a tumour the size of a golf ball on his brainstem says music not only helped doctors diagnose the problem but also helped his recovery.

Alex Barton, who was fifteen when ill, first noticed the problem when he struggled to play the guitar.

The weakness in his hand also prevented him from writing the answers to questions whilst sitting his GCSE exams.

Alex's tumour was the size of a golf ball Credit: Family photo

Doctors later diagnosed with Alex with a tumour on the brain and he was forced to travel to America for special treatment.

Once medically stable he was moved to the Children's Trust for three months of intensive neuro-rehabilitation.

Working with family and therapists, he set himself a goal of being able to play the guitar again.

I was in a very dark place but they would help me. They would sit me down and although I might not be playing what I used to play, it was something to play, something to do, some way of getting my emotions out.

Alex Barton
Alex was able to make a full recovery Credit: Family photo

Music therapy has been found to help emotions and has been scientifically proven to have positive health benefits.

The Children's Trust says music therapy is one of their most powerful tools in the work they do.