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Derbyshire business owners left 'devastated' after car crashes into restaurant

The owners of a restaurant in Derbyshire have been left devastated after a car crashed into their property just a week after it'd been refurbished.

The Bay Tree Restaurant in Potter Street, Melbourne, suffered considerable damage after the car smashed into its front windows on Monday (19th Nov) afternoon.

The restaurant had been refurbished only a week ago Credit: Trinity Mirror

Rex Howell and his wife Susan have owned the restaurant for 30 years. Rex said: “We’d just had it all revamped, new furniture and a new bar a week ago. We’re devastated and tearful. We live above [the restaurant] and it felt like someone came through the ceiling. We’re glad nobody was hurt.”

“It’s our livelihood all gone. It’s our sixth refurbishment in 30 years. What are we going to do for Christmas and New Year?”

– Susan Howell, Restaurant owner

A worker from the nearby Post Office, in Derby Road said that he heard a “very loud noise”. Munir Ahmed said: “I was serving customers and heard the noise. A lot of customers went out to have a look. It was an explosive bang and I saw shattered glass. It was very loud.”