"Love is a gift": £50 advert that will make you cry

The emotional advert has been watched by millions of people Credit: YouTube

The man behind a viral Christmas advert that cost £50 to make, says he's been inundated with responses from people praising the emotional video.

The advert, called "Love is a Gift", was made by Phil Beastall who's from Tewkesbury, in 2014.

It features a man ticking off the days until Christmas as he waits to open a present. When Christmas Day arrives, there is a heartbreaking twist.

He told ITV News about why he made it, and the reaction he's had since.

It's become an overnight viral sensation online, with thousands of people sharing it and comparing it to the big-budget John Lewis advert starring Sir Elton John. That cost seven million pounds to make, compared to Paul's efforts for £50.

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