Explorer to face venomous snakes and drug gangs in Colombia trek

A young adventurer is about to set off on a dangerous journey, through one of the most dangerous jungles on Earth.

Daniel Eggington from Smethwick will trek 60 miles through a part of Colombia, known as the Choco District or the Darien Gap.

It is notorious for kidnappings.

Daniel is no stranger to adventure, having journeyed to Costa Rica, Indonesia and Guyana, where he canoed with locals for 12 days down the remote Essequibo river.

His Darien Gap expedition will see him hike between eight and 12 hours a day though jungle never seen by any Westerner.

Aside from being one of the most remote parts of the world, it is also one of the most lawless.

Colombia is riddled with heavily-armed paramilitary groups. Sworn enemies like the Gulf Clan and the ELN fight to control the illegal narcotics and gold mining trades.

They routinely use kidnap, extortion and land-grabs to claim territory.

Credit: ITV Central

Many villages in the Choco have been torched and their inhabitants massacred.

Daniel leaves for Colombia next month and is due home in February.