Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities

21-year old Louise was born with three debilitating conditions. Two affect her right arm, meaning there is very little movement and she can't hold things. The other affects her eyes. One is green and one blue, and her pupils don't dilate.

She trained as a waitress but couldn't find a job - no one would take her on. Eventually she secured a job as a cleaner at the Ming Moon restaurant in Wolverhampton. The General Manager Lhatul Lama was impressed with her work ethic and trained her up to work behind the bar, wait on tables, and now she is the cashier.

Louise says she loves her job and it's given her lots more confidence. Before she wouldn't go out of the house with a short-sleeved top on because of her arm - now she meets hundreds of people every day wearing her short-sleeved uniform.

1 in 7

More than a billion people worldwide have a form of disability

There's more on the United Nations awareness campaign here: