Women to play walking football in FA People's Cup for first time

Credit: ITV Central News

For the very first time women will be able to take part in their own official walking football cup competition.

The FA have launched their women's own category for the game, in which players are not allowed to run.

It was invented to keep people over the age of 50 involved in football because it is played at a slower pace.

Men's walking football has been around for a while now so it's brilliant to have walking women's football and to give women the opportunity to play. Obviously if you're old like me you can't run any more so walking football is perfect.

Rachel Unitt, walking football player
England Women's head coach, Phil Neville says the introduction of women's walking football is good for the game. Credit: ITV News Central

England women's head coach, Phil Neville visited the FA's national football centre in Burton-on-Trent where a women's walking football session was taking place.

He said the new of women's walking football category was evidence of football's increasing level of inclusion.

I think we're now living in a diverse world where there's lots of diversity and inclusion and this is just the next step i think there's so much talent out there's so many women out there that want to play football that we've got to give them the opportunities.

Phil Neville, England Women's Head Coach