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Button battery warning: mother speaks out about dangers

A mother from Leicestershire whose daughter had a button battery stuck up her nose for three months has issued a warning about the dangers.

Kerrie Heath's adopted daughter, Kelsie, was just three years old when it happened.

The battery went unnoticed until it was discovered through an X-ray.

When they removed it they knew that her whole septum had been disintegrated, through the battery acid - and also there was a hole at the top of her airway.

– Kerrie Heath, Kelsie's mum
Kelsie had a button battery stuck up her nose for three months. Credit: Kerrie Heath/Family photo

Button batteries can react will saliva - which leads them to act like acid and eat through flesh.

If swallowed by a child, it can burn through their oesophagus in just 2 hours.

The damage can be so significant it can cause death.

Day to day it affects her, it gives her headaches, she has constant pain here and it's physical bone pain rather than an actual headache. Kelsie will used words like I'm ugly, I've got a horrible nose, my face is disgusting - and to hear you child say that when she's beautiful - it's heartbreaking.

– Kerrie Heath, Kelsie's mum

Now aged 8, Kelsie needs surgery to begin the rebuilding of her nose - she'll then have to continue to have a number of operations as she grows.

The NHS has issued advice on how to keep children safe from the dangers of button batteries.