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Butter used to release cat trapped in vent

Credit: RSPCA

An RSPCA officer used butter on a lolly stick to release a cat that was trapped in a household vent.

The animal welfare charity was called on Thursday morning (6 December) after a Worcestershire man discovered his cat had got stuck after crawling into a vent and pipework for the tumble dryer.

RSPCA officer Glenn Baird, who went to the flat in Kidderminster said:

The curious cat had crawled inside the vent and pipework for the tumble dryer and got jammed in tight!

I couldn’t get anything around her in order to pull her free and it was such a small space - only about 6ins wide - that I couldn’t get my hand in either.

All you could see was her tail poking out of the end, and her face through the grate on the outside!

– Glenn Baird, RSPCA
Credit: RSPCA

The cat wasn’t injured and her owners were relieved to have her out of the tight spot.