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Christmas toy appeal receives 10,000th donation in just one month

A Christmas toy appeal which started just one month ago has just received its 10,000th donation.

The Sikh Toy Appeal, based in Wolverhampton, has been inundated since it began its online campaign in November.

The multi-faith charity has the backing of sporting celebrities including Jamie Carragher and former Wolves star Steve Bull.

Now Santa and his team are busy sending out the gifts to special needs schools, hospices, hospitals and under-privileged families across the country.

Jay Sidhu, from the appeal, praised the "incredible response" from the public.

"The fact that we gave everybody the opportunity to become a secret Santa - those lines have resonated with a lot of people.

The support and the donations have been absolutely incredible.

It's really opened our eyes to just how many wonderful souls and beautiful hearts there really are out there."

– Jay Sidhu, Sikh Toy Appeal

Toy donors Jayden and Zara Rai explained their reasons for giving to the hugely successful appeal:

"There are so many vulnerable kids in the UK - we believe that everybody should get a gift at Christmas."

– Jayden and Zara Rai, Sikh Toy Appeal donors