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Officer sacked after giving false account following custody death

Kingsley Burrell died from a cardiac arrest in March 2011.

A police officer has been sacked after breaching professional standards during the restraint of a mental health patient who collapsed and died in 2011.

PC Paul Adey was found guilty of giving a false account to investigators in relation to the fatal collapse of Walsall man Kingsley Burrell, who went into cardiac arrest in a healthcare seclusion room.

Two other officers were cleared by the misconduct panel.

Kingsley Burrell died of a heart attack in a seclusion room at the Oleaster Mental Health facility in Birmingham in 2011.

He had been placed there by a group of police officers who had taken him to hospital for treatment to a cut.

During the journey to the hospital, a covering was placed over Kingsley's head.

There has been an IPCC investigation and an inquest. Last year, three officers were cleared of criminal charges that they lied during the investigation into Kingsley's death.

Mark Fannon and Paul Greenfield were today cleared of a number of misconduct allegations.

But a panel of their colleagues found that Paul Adey had breached professional standards because he did not remove the covering from Kingsley's head.

He was also found to have lied to IPCC investigators and to the inquest when he said he could not remember seeing the covering.

Those findings together constitute gross misconduct.