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80-year-old artificial Christmas trees sells for more than £200 at auction

Steve Rose with his vintage 1930s Christmas tree. Credit: Hansons Auctioneers

One of Britain's oldest artificial Christmas trees has sold for more than £200 at auction.

The 5ft tree, which has been owned by one family for 80 years and is still with its original box, was first bought from a Woolworths store in 1937.

It sold at Hansons auctioneers in Derbyshire for £280.

Steve Rose, 74, from Leicestershire, remembers decorating the tree with his mother every Christmas - and maintained the tradition after she died.

He put the tree up for auction because he has no children to pass on the heirloom.

The retired biology teacher said he hoped the tree would find an "exciting new home" and "puts a sparkle into Christmas for generations to come."

The tree has been owned by one family for 80 years. Credit: Hansons Auctioneers

It was our main family tree for years and I remember my mum putting it up every Christmas.

Christmas was not an extravagant affair. In the late 1940s you'd get a Christmas sock and inside it was a tangerine, nuts, some loose change and small presents.

I think we enjoyed Christmas more back then. Because we didn't have much, we valued what we did have.

– Steve Rose

The tree was bought by London-based artist Eloise Moody, who wants to use it as part of her latest work looking at objects and memorabilia left to people who are the last in their family line. "It's a really beautiful, quite poignant item. I'm bringing together a collection looking at the objects we leave behind and what we do with them, and talking to people who are the last in their families. This tree seemed perfect for this - I'm really happy to have won it", she said.

The 36-year-old will now be working with Steve to record his story, and hopes to exhibit the final collection in Peterborough.