Gay village planning decision is deferred

Many members of the community showed their support at the planning meeting. Credit: ITV News Central

By Cree-Summer Haughton

A planning meeting was held today (December 20) to discuss plans for 116 apartments to be built in the heart of Birmingham’s gay village.

Opposers say that if the plans were to go ahead it could lead to the closure of LGBTQ nightclubs and businesses due to problems with noise.

"The Nightingale Club is under threat and so are many other LGBTQ businesses, no Nightingale, no community. The Nightingale Club is more than just a club, it was conceived, owned and operated by its members It's the lifeblood and the heart of our community."

Lawrence Barton, Co-owner of the Nightingale club

The committee have decided to conduct a site visit before making a final decision on the application.

The objectors say they hope that the committee visiting the area on a busy night will allow them to recognise that building residential properties so close to Hurst Street could be detrimental.

"Personally I would be absolutely devastated if we lost our gay scene because it means the world to me. I found a community there, I found a place of belonging and its helped me grow in confidence and as a person."

Eliot Roberts

Members of the community said they welcomed today's decision as 'very positive' and said they hoped that they are on track to keep Birmingham's gay village thriving.