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Shopkeeper who lied to ITV News convicted of Leicester blast in bid for £300,000 pay-out

A Leicester shopkeeper who played the victim on camera in an interview with ITV News Central after an explosion at his store has been found guilty of carrying out a "bomb-like" blast that killed five people.

Aram Kurd was convicted along with his accomplices Akran Ali and Hawkar Hassan over a plot to claim a £300,000 insurance pay-out.

Credit: Leicestershire Police

The trio used “many, many litres of petrol” in an arson attack on Kurd’s supermarket, causing an explosion which completely destroyed the shop and a flat above the premises on February 25.

The next morning he told ITV News on camera he had no idea what caused the explosion and invented a detailed story of how he was thrown in the air by the blast.

Instead CCTV cameras would show him running safely away from the scene as investigators pinpointed him, Ali and Hassan for the inside job.

Leicester Crown Court heard how some residents living near the Polish supermarket on Hinckley Road, Leicester, thought a bomb had reduced the property to rubble such was the bang and devastation.

What caused the shop blast?