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Princess Anne pays tribute to army of young carers

Credit: ITV Central

Princess Anne payed tribute to young carers today (15 January) when she visited the Derbyshire Carers Association in Ripley.

The Princess Royal was marking the 30th anniversary of the charity, which supports people who look after a loved one at home.

It's estimated there are more than half a million people in the East Midlands who are carers.

Many have had to give up work. Others are children who have to balance school life with looking after a parent.

The charity was set up thirty years ago to provide them with support.

16-year-old Aiden Ellis helps care for his mother Sarah. Credit: ITV Central

One of those is 16-year-old Aiden Ellis. He helps care for his mother Sarah who suffers from a painful condition called Fibromyalgia.

It can be simple things like feeding the animals, walking the dogs or something like helping her get her shoes on. Helping her get around, getting her drinks. Things like that.

At home I'll try and do my homework there, but often I won't be able to because ... sometimes, because I'm ADHD, I'll just simply forget.

– Aiden Ellis, Young Carer

The Derbyshire Carers Association step in to provide support and counselling to help relieve the physical and emotional burden for somebody like Aiden.

On one occasion they even paid for him to have a week's break in Skegness.

Aidens mother said: "They just really help by getting him out of the house. And talking to him, and meeting other young carers so he knows that he's not on his own."

She added: "It's very important to them to mix with other young carers get that peer support, and be able to have some social activity away from their care & responsibilities."

If you require any of the services that Derbyshire Carers Association provides or you have been affected by any of these issues please visit: