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Thieves steal man's car twice in one day

Police have since recovered the vehicle placing it in another compound in Witton. Credit: PA

A father and son say they have been 'led on a wild goose chase' to find their missing Vauxhall Corsa that was stolen twice in one day.

Alex Cooper first noticed that his car had been stolen from outside his girlfriend's house in Kingshurst Way, Birmingham.

The 23-year-old used a tracker to locate it and found it was parked four miles away at the Holiday Inn Express near the NEC.

It already had false plates on and the thieves had already replaced the window they'd smashed to get in. They had even changed the locks on the car as well so we couldn't use Alex's car key.

– Tracey Cooper, Alex's dad

When the pair contacted the police, officers advised Alex to take his car to a secure compound where forensics would be carried out on the vehicle.

Alex paid £150 to take the car to Egertons Recovery in Stechford.

Later that day Alex checked his tracker and noticed that his car was now in Chelmsley Wood.

I told my dad and he said, 'It can't be!' so I called up the compound and asked the woman there who said, 'Oh yeah, it's gone!'.

This was about 4.30pm and police didn't have a clue it had been stolen again. It's meant to be a secure compound.

– Alex Cooper

Police officers and staff at Egertons Recovery in Stechford had no idea the car had been stolen again.

Tracey said he was cross as the family had had no apology from the police.

He added that his son wasn't sure if he wanted the car back now in case it was taken again.

Officers have since recovered the vehicle placing it in another compound in Witton.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said CCTV is being examined, and anyone with information has been asked to contact them.