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Village recovering after burst pipe flooded properties

Photo: F Stop Press

A burst pipe which flooded a village in Derbyshire, will have to be rebuilt according to the water supplier.

The water main in Milford is one of the biggest operated by Severn Trent - and it says building a new one will 'take some time'.

Yesterday, the pipe began shooting gallons of water metres in to the air in a field, after it's believed a farmer allegedly hit a water main while putting in a fence post.

A number of properties were evacuated and roads in the area were closed - the A6 has now reopened.

Repair workers assessed the damage to the pipe last night and say it must be replaced.

Severn Trent is assuring residents that there should be no problems with the water supply while repairs are carried out:

Our teams dug down to the pipe last night and have been able to assess the damage. As the pipe is one of the largest we operate, we’re having to get a new one built which will take some time because it’s such a big job.

We knew this was going to be a complicated job but the great news is that we’re confident no one should have any problems with their water supply while we carry out the repair.

As well as working on the pipe, we’ve been out and about in Milford meeting with people who were affected by the escaped water yesterday, and working out the best way to help and support them as they look to get their homes back to normal.

We understand just how difficult the experience must have been, and thank them for their understanding and patience while we continue to work in Milford getting things back to normal.

We’d also like to thank the emergency services and the councils for their response and for the help they continue to offer.

– Severn Trent