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'I could have prevented ... this tragedy'. Viktorija Ijevleva's mother apologises on behalf of her daughter

The court heard Viktorija Ijevleva was left to die 'as she knew too much'. Credit: BPM

The mother of a victim of the Leicester shop blast, who was originally part of the insurance scam, has apologised on her behalf.

Natalija Ijevleva said she felt she had 'failed as a mother' to 22-year-old Viktorija.

The scene in Hinckley road after the explosion Credit: PA

Three men were today sentenced to life in prison for murdering five people in the explosion.

Arkan Ali and Aram Kurd were jailed for a minimum of 38 years. Hawkar Hassan will serve a minimum of 33 years.

The men were involved in a plot to douse a Polish supermarket on Hinckley road in "many, many litres of petrol" on the evening of Sunday February 25 in the hope of getting a £300,000 insurance payout.

The court heard that Ijevleva who was Ali's girlfriend was involved in the conspiracy to commit insurance fraud but was left to die ‘because she knew too much’.

Today in a victim impact statement, read out in court by prosecutor, David Herbert QC, her mother said she was heartbroken that her daughter hadn't told her about the plan.

I could have stopped her from going ahead and prevented this tragedy. I feel I failed as a mother to protect my child. My thoughts again go out to the families of the four wholly innocent victims, their loss must be indescribable. I can only apologise on behalf of Vika, my child, who I also will never have back.

– Natalija Ijevleva, Viktorija's mother