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'Call to arms' for help to honour veteran couple

Victor Barnett was a Dambusters engineer and Edna Barnett in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force Credit: RAF Cosford

The RAF are hoping for a big turnout at the funeral of a couple both who were RAF veterans of World War II.

Victor and Edna Barnett from Telford died within days of each other and no surviving relatives to come to their funeral.

Victor and Edna have no surviving relatives to come to their funeral Credit: RAF Cosford

Victor, who was 101, was radar technician who served on 617 Squadron at the time of the Dambusters’ raid. Edna, who was 91, was in the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force and worked in air traffic control. The couple died within 10 days of each other over the Christmas period.

A friend of the couple realised on their death that with no surviving relatives their funeral would be a very small affair. So he contacted RAF Cosford who put out a ‘call to arms’ for members of the public and veterans to attend the funeral and were immediately inundated.

The funeral which takes place on Tuesday 22 January at Telford Crematorium at 10am.