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South African frog hides in suitcase... and hops out 8,000 miles away in Nottinghamshire

We usually return from holiday with a case full of souvenirs or duty-free airport buys - but one woman in Nottinghamshire returned home with something a little out of the ordinary...

The stowaway South African river frog Credit: RSPCA

This stowaway South African river frog travelled more than 8,000 miles from it's native home, to the village of Darlton last week.

The RSPCA were called when he hopped out of the woman's suitcase.

The frog has been taken to a local farm with specialist facilities for exotic animals, but can't be released into the wild as it's not a native species.

He'll remain in captivity with specialist care.

Credit: RSPCA

The animal welfare charity says it often receives calls from tourists who have returned home with a little more than they bargained for:

We often get called out to collect lizards, frogs, crabs and spiders who have crawled into clothes and bags before flying home with their unsuspecting smugglers. We’ve even been called by people who have found potentially deadly scorpions in their suitcases!

“I hope this little frog’s remarkable journey will remind holidaymakers to always give their cases an extra thorough check before heading home - just in case they too pick up a surprising stowaway.”

– Paula Jones, RSPCA animal collection officer