Do you think it's time for men to accept hair loss as part of being male and grow bald gracefully?

Michael Fabricant asking a question while colleague appears to points at his hair

Video footage emerged this week of an MP appearing to mock Michael Fabricant's hair, suggesting "it's a wig". It has started a conversation about whether men should embrace baldness.

Earlier today, ITV's Good Morning Britain shared their thoughts on the topic:

Presenters Ben Shephard and Richard Arnold got a glimpse of what they would look like bald.

A look at what Ben Shephard would look like bald. Credit: GMB
This is what Richard Arnold would look like bald. Credit: GMB

Many people took to Twitter to share their thoughts and this is what they had to say:

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant hit back at fellow Tory MP who appeared to ridicule him, behind his back, for 'wearing a wig'

As the MP for Lichfield stood to ask a question about Birmingham Airport during PMQs, the camera also caught MPs Huw Merriman and Kelly Tolhurst whispering to each other as one of them pointed at his hair.

Merriman appears to mouth the words "it's a wig", "definitely a wig" to Tolhurst and others on the other side of the House of Commons as he sat behind Fabricant.

Hitting back at Merriman, Fabricant tweeted:

This isn't the first time Fabricant's locks have been a point of discussion. In a 2014 interview with The Mirror, he admitted he had received some treatment on his hair.