The poison of plastic captured in one heartbreaking image

The Great crested Grebe offers a piece of plastic to its mate Credit: Mary Wilde

A Great crested grebe has been photographed offering a piece of plastic to its mate.

The birds are well known for their courtship rituals but instead of collecting a piece of weed or plant to offer its loved one, this grebe dived down and came back with some discarded plastic to impress its mate.

The picture was taken at a lake near Clay Cross, south of Chesterfield.

Plastic pollution has been big news recently.....but the problem is so close to home, not just in far-away oceans and this photo is a stark reminder of that.

Kaite Helps, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust

The image is the latest in a series of pictures released showing the impact of plastic pollution on wildlife.

In Nottinghamshire in November a pregnant deer was found dead by the side of the road with its head trapped inside a plastic bag.

The council said the death of the deer brought the issue of discarded plastic 'sharply into focus' Credit: Newark & Sherwood District Council

Tips on how to use Less Plastic (credit: Derbyshire Wildlife Trust)

  • Ditch the exfoliating shower puff or if you must use them, replace every few weeks because of the bacteria that builds up on the netting.

  • Consider using unpackaged bar soap instead of shower gel.

  • Avoid clingfilm, use a re-usable box or a beeswax wrap instead.

  • If you're eating on the run, consider taking cutlery out with you as well as your re-usable coffee cup.

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