Rebekah Vardy urges women to go for smear test

Rebekah Vardy is encouraging women to attend their cervical smear test.

Figures show that cervical screening rates among all ages are at their lowest for two decades.

Almost one in three women aged 25 to 64 have not had a smear test within the time frame recommended for their age according to the charity, Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust.

Rebekah's tweet included a selfie with lipstick smeared across her face as a way to show support for the #SmearForSmear campaign.

New data from Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust found that those aged 25 to 35 are put off by the idea of a stranger examining them. The survey also suggests young women feel embarrassed and have concerns over being hurt.

Cervical screening helps pick up changes to cells that could eventually lead to cancer.

This year will mark ten years since Jade Goody died from cancer at the age of 27 in March 2009.

Jade Goody photographed in 2009. Credit: PA

After she was diagnosed, more than 400,000 women in England tested for cervical cancer between mid-2008 and mid-2009. It became known as the "Jade Goody effect".

Some 220,000 British women are diagnosed with cervical abnormalities every year and there were 854 deaths from cervical cancer in England in 2016.