• A dog who broke his leg while chasing a car has made a great recovery - and is now a flyball star.

  • Flyball involves dogs running over a series of hurdles to release a tennis ball which they then return to their owner.

  • Bryn's back legs were run over by a car but he's made a great recovery.

Bryn the Border Collie was only 12 weeks old when disaster struck.

He had always chased after cars, because it's in the nature of Collies to herd.

Credit: Willows veterinary group

But one day, when it was particularly cold and icy, he ran at a car that came towards him, the lead came out of his owner's hand and and the car hit him, running over his back legs.

Credit: Willows Veterinary group

Bryn had to live in a crate for three months while he recovered. He had plates and screws fitted to mend the fracture at Charter Vets in Biddulph, Staffordshire.

But he's made a brilliant recovery and is now a star member of a Flyball team, after joining at 13 months old.

Credit: Willows veterinary group

In flyball teams of dogs race against each other over a line of hurdles to a box that releases tennis balls, which they must then return to their owners.

Janice Pickup runs his team.

Bryn is doing really well – he is an energetic, enthusiastic collie with high drive which makes him a perfect flyball dog.

Janice Pickup, flyball team