'Rape group chat' students allowed to return to University of Warwick early

Credit: ITV Central
  • Two students banned from university after being part of 'rape group chat' on Facebook, are allowed to return later this year.

  • One post stated: "Sometimes it's fun to go wild and rape 100 girls"

Two male students banned from the University of Warwick for 10 years, after being part of a group chat that threatened rape, will be allowed to return later this year.

The university launched an inquiry last year after suspending 11 students over a series of online messages, including a post which stated:

"Sometimes it's fun to just go wild and rape 100 girls."

Racist and anti-Semitic posts were also cited in formal complaints made to the university, which is reported to have handed one student a life-time ban.

Four others excluded by the university - including the two undergraduates whose bans have been reduced - are reported to have been told they can return to campus in September 2019.

Credit: ITV Central

In an open letter to the university's student newspaper The Boar, an unnamed woman targeted by the chat group described the one-year bans as a "source of shame":

Credit: ITV Central

The University of Warwick Provost, Professor Christine Ennew, has issued this statement: