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Blind dog searching for a new loving home

A four-year-old dog who suddenly lost his sight overnight is searching for a loving new home.

Alex the Terrier began to walk into things before it was confirmed that he was blind.

After being referred to an eye specialist, it became clear that Alex had gone blind as a result of detached retinas. A disorder of the eye in which the retina separates from the layer underneath.

Despite this sudden change, staff at the Dogs Trust in Evesham say he has adapted 'incredibly well' to his new way of life.

Alex lost his sight overnight Credit: Dogs Trust Evesham

It was such a huge shock to us to hear that Alex had gone blind.

While Alex has quickly learnt to use his other senses, his new owner will need to be patient and be prepared to act as his guide human to help him settle into his new home.

He’s got plenty of years left in him yet and so much love to give.

He just needs a patient owner who can prove love really is blind and can give him a forever home.

– Emma Rex, Dogs Trust Evesham

The team are looking for a special home with owners who can help him adapt. They hope that his lack of eye sight won’t put off any potential adopters.