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A woman who miscarried twins is now expecting twins again and blogging about her experience

  • Kelly Chinnock's world fell apart when she learned that she had lost her twins shortly after her 12 week scan.
  • Now she is delighted to be carrying twins again, and the pregnancy is going well.
  • She wants to share what she went through to help other families.

Kelly Chinnock from Shepshed in Leicestershire was devastated to learn she had miscarried her twins.

She learned the awful news just after her 12 week scan.

She says she will never forget those babies, and has good days and bad days, but is delighted to now be carrying twins again. And the pregnancy is going well.

Since her eight week scan, Kelly has been sharing her experience in a blog - to help others going through miscarriage.

Kelly says she'll never forget her angel babies - and plans to give her twin girls the middle names Hope and Faith in their memory.

If you've been affected by miscarriage, there is help and support here.