Poundland sell 20,000 £1 engagement rings in a week

One of the £1 rings on sale in Poundland Credit: Poundland
  • The retailer, based in Willenhall, says they've sold 20,000 of the £1 rings

  • Poundland claim that means they've sold 17% of all engagement rings which will be given this year

  • The Midlands saw some of the biggest sales across the country

The engagement rings went on sale at the shop around a month before Valentine’s Day.

The store has now announced that they've sold 20,000 of the rings, which they describe as ‘placeholder rings’ - designed to stand in until the couple choose their pefect ring together.

The figure means the Willenhall based store has sold 17% of all engagement rings across the country, with the majority sold in the Midlands and Yorkshire.

The rings have divided opinion.

Poundland have previously provoked controversy by selling realistic looking fake knives at Halloween.