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Twin girls land their first acting roles in star studded TV advert

  • Rhianna and Natasha Cullen feature in the TV advert which aired for the first time on Friday
  • It was the first acting role they'd gone for
  • Their mum tried to manage their expectations in case they weren't successful!

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12-year-old twin girls appear in a new TV advert for British Airways - despite it being the first acting role they'd gone for.

The advert celebrates the airline's 100th anniversary, and Rhianna and Natasha Cullen star alongside a host of celebrities.

Famous faces in the advert include Gary Oldman, Olivia Colman, Anthony Joshua, Ellie Simmonds, Nicola Adams, the first Briton in space - Helen Sharman and the rapper and actor Riz Ahmed.

Credit: Penguin PR

The twins go to the Royal School for the Deaf in Derby and they got the part, which was originally meant for just one actor, after attending two auditions and beating off competition from lots of hearing actors using British Sign Language (BSL).

This was the first job the girls had ever gone up for and so I tried to manage their expectations in case they weren’t successful.

The director was looking for someone who was fluent in BSL and the other people up for the part were hearing actors who were trained in sign language.

When he realised the twins were deaf and natural BSL users he thought this was even better.

– Rachael Cullen, the twins' mum

The girls filmed their part in just 20 minutes, impressing the director and crew.

I am so proud of them and I was jumping for joy when we watched the advert on television. It’s so good to see an inclusive advert like this, there isn’t enough sign language on the TV.

– Rachael Cullen, the twins' mum
Credit: Penguin PR

We didn’t know there were so many famous people in the advert until we saw it for the first time on YouTube.

– Rachael Cullen, the twins' mum

Their mum says the girls hope to be in a programme like EastEnders or Emmerdale one day.

The advert marks 100 years since British Airways started flying and aims to highlight British values and ideals.