Lip filler disaster prompts Parliament debate

Rachael Knappier wants medical treatments such as botox and derma fillers to be performed by professionals Credit: Rachael Knappier

Rachael Knappier got filler injections at a friend's house by a beautician who told her a small bump at one side of her lip could be 'evened out' by injecting the opposite side of her lip with filler.

After going to bed, she woke up at 2am to find that her lips had suffered major swelling to the point that they touched her nose.

Rachael is working hard to raise awareness about the dangers of receiving cosmetic procedures such as filler and botox by people who are not medically trained.

Credit: Rachael Knappier

Today her MP had this message in a Westminster Hall debate, calling for an independent regulator for the industry; covering treatments such as dermal lip fillers and botox injections.

Ensure that these procedures are administered by trained, qualified and regulated individuals and to ensure these individuals have the ability to work in a thriving yes, competitive yes, industry where consumers have choice, but to ensure they have professional indemnity insurance in order to ensure our consumers, our constituents are protected, when things go wrong.

Alberto Costa MP, South Leicestershire (Con)
Credit: ITV News

Following Mr Costa's intervention in the Commons, the Government said:

"We are currently exploring options to strengthen regulation of cosmetic procedures and improve the safety through better training, robust qualifications for practitioners, and better information so that people can make informed decisions about their care."