This is how animals across the Midlands are celebrating Valentine's Day

Animals across the Midlands have been taking part in the special occasion by showing their appreciation to each other.

A penguin looking for love this Valentine's Day at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham is being given a helping hand to impress his ideal mate.

The young male known as Prince will meet the penguin chick of his dreams.

Staff will present a selection of pebbles which is the penguin equivalent of an engagement ring.

These are their tokens which they present to their potential partners, in the hope they will accept and form a breeding couple with them.

Prince was unlucky in love last year during his first breeding season, so we want to try and give him an extra helping hand this Valentine’s Day and something as simple as some well-picked pebbles in his environment, could be the key to partnering success.”

Alan Kwan, Displays Supervisor at the National Sea Life Centre
Love birds celebrate Valentine's Day. Credit: Twycross Zoo

Pidge, the Victoria crowned pigeon at the West Midlands zoo treated his mate, Victoria, to a meal for two - tucking into a delicacy of mealworms.

The Victoria crowned pigeons are the largest of their breed.

Lemurs at West Midlands Safari Park are also taking part in the romantic celebration as staff at the park hand them roses.

As a special treat for the most romantic day of the year, the keepers included some red roses in their daily enrichment, hiding the flowers around the woods, and concealing some of the lemurs’ favourite treats amongst the petals.