Schoolchildren walk out to take a stand against climate change

Hundreds of schoolchildren across the Midlands have been protesting as they call for more action to tackle environmental issues.

Children have been carrying banners and marching in a bid to raise more awareness on climate change.

Those taking part in the protests have had to miss a day from school but feel that the future of the planet is more important.

Schoolchildren march to call for action on climate change. Credit: ITV Central News

The schoolchildren climate change movement originally began with a girl from Sweden.

16-year-old Greta Thunberg refused to go to school so that she could protest for a change in how we treat the environment.

Since then, it has become a worldwide movement with other children across the globe protesting for change.

Children in the UK are now joining those protests for the first time.

The UK Student Climate Change Network, which is co-ordinating the protests in Britain, formed in December, and has been planning the action since before Christmas.