• A portrait of Khun Vichai has gone on display in the city where he meant so much.

The painting was part of a portrait project about father and son relationships.

As a Leicester man, artist Paul Wright said Vichai and his son Aiyawatt were the obvious choice.

Credit: Paul Wright

It was painted before Khun Vichai died but now has increased significance.

Credit: Paul Wright

I used to go to Filbert Street with my Dad as a kid. I've always been a football fan - it was fairly obvious the impact that he'd had.

Paul Wright, artist
Credit: Paul Wright

This card rests next to the painting,

Khun Vichai’s vision and belief inspired Leicester City to win the 2015-16 Premier League title after starting the season as 5000/1 rank outsiders, a stunning achievement which will forever remain in the hearts of the club’s supporters, fans and the people of Leicester.

Reference card in the museum