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Burglars abandon £200k Ferrari after they couldn't get it into gear

Photo: BPM Media

Burglars attempting to steal a £200,000 Ferrari after a break-in, abandoned it when they couldn't get it into gear to drive away.

The raid took place in Streetly on Tuesday evening (19 February) after masked thieves smashed through the front door.

They then loaded a stolen Audi with designer bags, a suitcase, watches and jewellery from the home.

But they returned moments later when they discovered the keys to a Ferrari 488, worth around £200,000, in one of the bags.

They then reversed it off the driveway - but could not get the automatic gearbox into 'drive' mode, so abandoned it on the road.

27-year-old Toni-Leigh Evans said: “We were out at my nan’s and a neighbour rang my husband and said ‘don’t panic’, but your Ferrari is on the opposite side of the road and the front glass is smashed in by your front door.

“My husband and I left the children at my nan’s and came back.

“They tried to get in the front door and couldn’t as we have anti-theft locks.

"They then smashed the glass completely out to the side of the door with a loose slab and climbed through.

“My husband normally carries the spare key with him but he had left it in a bag at home.

“They found the key in the bag and came back and reversed the car off the drive but then they couldn’t figure out how to get it in drive.”

Credit: BPM Media

West Midlands Police are investigating the incident.

A spokeswoman for the force said: “Police are investigating a burglary at a property in Bridle Lane, Streetly just before 6.30pm on Tuesday, (February 19), where a number of handbags and jewellery items were taken.

“An attempt was also made to steal a grey Ferrari but the offenders abandoned it in the middle of the road.

“Enquiries continue and anyone with information is asked to can contact us"