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The voices of the homeless: one night on the streets of Birmingham

A recent report by the homeless charity, Shelter, showed there were nearly 24,000 homeless people in the West Midlands, with the region seeing one of the biggest increases year-on-year.

Most of those 24,000 were in temporary accommodation but almost 300 were sleeping rough.

We spoke to some of those men and women.

During our time in the city centre, one homeless man, a former soldier, describes homeless people being robbed, sometimes by other homeless people, and friends being murdered,

It's hard out here man, it's hard.

– Homeless man

A woman describes the pain of the cold, and the pain of hunger.

She spent Christmas Day walking the streets in a wet blanket without shoes. She slept under a bridge on Christmas night, without having eaten.

Martin, who has been on the streets for more than a year, had just been beaten up and robbed by some people he thought were friends.

A charity worker gave him his coat.

No, no, it's needed, yeah? You've got to understand that people love you, ok?

– Colin Rankine, Active Christians