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Endangered black rhinos moving to Midlands zoo

Two black rhinos are moving to Twycross Zoo later in March. They are critically endangered. Credit: Twycross Zoo

Two black rhinos are moving to a Midlands zoo this Easter as part of an extensive breeding programme.

A female Eastern black rhinoceros will transfer to Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire in March, shortly followed by a male companion.

Western black rhinos were declared extinct in 2011 after illegal poaching saw numbers decrease by 98 per cent in the 20th Century.

Eastern black rhinos are currently critically endangered, with only around 5,400 left in the world. However, thanks to conservation efforts, this number is slowly increasing.

Did you know?

This is how fast Eastern black rhinos can run
1 tonne
Black rhinos weigh almost 1 tonne
The number of months female black rhinos are usually pregnant for

Twycross Zoo say the new arrivals are part of a European breeding programme to boost numbers even further.

Karen Clarke, from Twycross Zoo, said: "We are honoured to be part of a breeding programme which is helping to grow their population. The fact that Eastern black rhino numbers are now growing is testament to conservation experts all around the world and we are dedicated to continuing this hard work."

Visitors will be able to meet the new rhinos at Easter.