• Gordon Banks's most famous moment was in the 1970 World Cup, when his dive to prevent Pele's header became known as the save of the century.

In the crowd of 66,000 people in Mexico were newlyweds Barry and Sheila McHugh from Leicester.

The couple were actually on honeymoon - and they'd chosen to be there over buying their first house.

He's always been very committed to me, but he was also very committed to the football.

Shelia McHugh

They'd been at the 1966 World Cup final at Wembley, and Barry knew he had to go to Mexico to watch England defend their title.

You have a feeling sometimes - this is special, this is going to be really good, it's going to be two great teams against each other

Barry McHugh

Like most people, they thought that Pele shot had gone in, but miraculously, Banks had flipped it over the bar.

Brazil in every game in that tournament scored three or four goals, but only one against England, and I think that's great credit to Gordon Banks - he was outstanding.

Barry McHugh

England may have lost that day, but Gordon Banks had made his mark.

He has left a legacy with us which we won't forget.

Sheila McHugh