Woman searching for the 96-year-old who inspired her to write a song

A woman who was left inspired after meeting a 96-year-old lady is now trying to find her.

Lucy Shaw from Birmingham wrote a song about the life of a woman named 'Gwendolen' who she met at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital with her dad.

She says it was a scary time but Gwendolen helped keep their spirits up after her dad was in A&E because of a blood clot in his lung.

Gwendolen was there because of what she thought might have been a suspected heart attack.

She inspired me with tales of her extraordinary life as she recalled living through the war, falling in love, going out dancing every week and reminiscing on how much times have changed.

Lucy Shaw

Lucy's song takes you through the time line of the elderly woman's life based on the conversation they had in the hospital.

She is now hoping this will help her find Gwendolen who mentioned she grew up in Shrewsbury.

I'd really like to be able to meet up with her and play her the song.

Lucy Shaw