£1.8m worth of drugs seized in police crackdown

Credit: ITV News Central

Drugs worth £1.8 million pounds have been recovered and 203 people arrested in a crackdown on organised crime in Nottingham.

In a series of raids on the city's Bestwood estate, officers also seized £300,000 in cash, as well as firearms, knives and vehicles.

Operation Reacher started in April 2018 aiming to target and dismantle organised crime and drug networks.

Police have reported considerable success in Bestwood and the surrounding area.

Officers have also recovered more than £300,000 in cash, 23 weapons including eight firearms and seized 337 vehicles.

The drugs seized include heroin, cocaine, MDMA and cannabis.

Detective Chief Superintendent Gerard Milano, who has overseen the operation since the beginning, said: "We will not tolerate drugs supply in our communities.

"The people at the top of these networks seek to make profits from causing misery to hundreds of vulnerable people who live in our neighbourhoods.

"They enforce their networks often using extreme violence and fear and feed addictions that spread misery, crime and anti-social behaviour like a virus.

"This operation is a clear demonstration that when we work effectively with our communities we can tackle top-end criminality with strength and confidence.

When our communities say enough is enough we will be there to listen, protect them and take action.

Detective Chief Superintendent Gerard Milano
Credit: ITV News Central

He added: "Our aim is to be a force for good in the community and by working as a team we can have the biggest impact.

"This has been a sustained period of policing activity involving the broad spectrum of capabilities at our disposal.

"From the way in which we generate and assess our intelligence, to how we gather the evidence and move on to enforcement the force and its partners have acted with professionalism, tenacity and determination.

"We have lots of very dedicated officers hungry for this kind of work so I know that we will continue to make a difference.