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Brazen thieves pull up alongside van before stealing tools from side door

The hunt is on for brazen thieves who pulled up alongside a van and stole more than a thousand pounds' worth of tools.

The thieves took advantage of an open side door as the tradesman worked nearby. They were then forced to flee when Eric Thomas returned and tried to stop them from making off.

The black Ford Fiesta was caught on camera pulling up in the Allesley area of Coventry on Tuesday morning. Someone then jumped out of the car, opened the van and started unloading boxes into the Fiesta.

A few minutes later, Mr Thomas returned and chased them off - even taking a swing at the driver's window.

The black Ford Fiesta pulled up alongside the van, stealing £1,200 worth of tools. Credit: BPM Media

Mr Thomas, who is from Wolverhampton, shared the footage on social media, warning other workmen to be careful. In the post, he said: "All tradesmen that carry tools be aware get your tools off soon as you get on site. Don't let's these thieves do you like they've done me."

Around £1,200 worth of tools were taken from his van, which was parked on Buckhold Drive.

West Midlands Police are investigating but are yet to make any arrests.