Pub Bombings Inquests: Police failed to ask for Rotunda CCTV footage

Credit: ITV News Central

Police failed to ask for the CCTV footage from the Rotunda building after an IRA bomb exploded in a pub at the foot of the property, a court heard today.

Brian Brown was a chartered surveyor with the management company which managed the Rotunda.

He told the inquests into the 21 people who died that he wasn't aware police had asked for the CCTV footage from the building's reception after the Mulberry Bush around the corner was bombed and it was probably wiped after two weeks.

Brian Brown Credit: ITV News Central

He also said police hadn't briefed him about IRA code words, though he did have meetings with high level police officers about the IRA bombing campaign.

The inquests into the deaths of 21 people, who died when bombs exploded in two Birmingham pubs in November 1974, are underway.

  • 182 people were injured.

  • They are expected to last for at least five weeks and are being held in public at Birmingham Coroner’s Court.

  • The reopening of the inquests is the result of a long campaign by some of the victims’ families.

  • It is the duty of the Coroner, Sir Peter Thornton QC, to find out when, where and under what circumstances each of the 21 victims met their death.