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DNA on cupboard drawer helped catch man who murdered 87-year-old

  • A 20-year-old man has been found guilty of murdering a pensioner who died after being attacked at his home.

Jason Wayne Wilsher, of Barlestone Road, Bagworth, Leicestershire, was 19 when he attacked Arthur 'Bob' Gumbley at his property in Sutton Coldfield, stealing a watch and jewellery.

Wilsher was convicted after DNA was found on a cupboard drawer at the pensioner’s ransacked bungalow.

Credit: Staffordshire Police

Speaking from his hospital bed shortly after the attack, Mr Gumbley was able to tell detectives he had been watching television in the evening when he heard noises and went into the hallway where he was confronted by two men.

He was then attacked by the men, who broke his ribs and punched him in the face.

The court also heard that during the assault, skin was torn from one of Mr Gumbley's hands as a watch was forcibly removed from his wrist, resulting in a "brutal and striking" injury.

It's also thought he was dragged across the carpet due to burn marks on his neck.

Mr Gumbley died about three weeks after the attack.

Arthur Gumbley before the attack Credit: ITV Central

DCI Dan Ison described the investigation as complex and far-reaching.

It was months of hard work that identified him and it is startling that the science of DNA proves effectively Wilsher is the only man in Europe who could've contributed to the sample found at Arthurs home.

– Detective Chief Inspector Dan Ison, Staffordshire Police

Wilsher will be sentenced at Stafford Crown Court tomorrow (22 March).

Police say the investigation continues into the outstanding individuals responsible for Mr Gumbley's death.