Europe's oldest moon bear has died at Dudley Zoo

. Credit: Steve Barton

Dudley Zoo's oldest moon bear died yesterday (21st March) at the grand old age of 38.

Inca continued to shock keepers at the zoo because she outlived her typical life expectancy by more than a decade.

She came to Dudley Zoo from Cumbria in 1990 with her mum and older sister.

The siblings were moved to Glasgow in 1997, before returning to Dudley in 2003 where they lived together until her sister's death 10 years ago.

Curator Richard Brown said: “As she got older she continued to astound keepers and veterinary staff year-on-year as she flew through annual health checks."

Inca thrived on her own and in her later years loved nothing more than soaking up the sunshine in her outdoor enclosure, according to staff.

“She was much-loved by staff and visitors and we were delighted to allow her to live out her twilight years in comfort. She will be missed.”

Richard Brown, Curator