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Penny that saved soldier's life sold at auction for thousands

The coin was brought by Mr Nigel Trickett Credit: Hansons

A lucky penny which saved a soldier's life in the First World War has sold for thousands at auction and will remain in the family.

Private John Trickett looked death in the eye when an enemy bullet was aimed at his heart during the First World War - but the penny saved his life.

John's granddaughter, Maureen Coulson from Derbyshire decided to put the penny up for auction not expecting it to sell for any more than £50.

The coin was brought by Mr Nigel Trickett - the cousin of Maureen and the grandson of Private John Trickett, in a bid to keep the penny in the family.

An initial estimate for the penny was £30-£50 but at the auction, the penny was sold for £5,445.

The coin was brought by Mr Nigel Trickett Credit: Hansons

Pte Trickett was my grandad and we wanted to keep the medals and penny in the family.

It will be handed down. It’s where it belongs and we’ll take a lot of pride in showing it to family members.

When the story went viral it brought 50 members of the family together – we all got in touch with each other.

My grandad’s story is very interesting and true. Everything wouldn’t have happened in our family the way it has without that penny."

– Mr Nigel Trickett
. Credit: Hansons

Trickett kept the penny in the breast pocket of his soldier’s uniform as a reminder of home.

It proved to be his lucky penny as the coin took the full impact of a German bullet, bending under the force but ultimately deflecting the danger.