This was the moment a £24,000 Range Rover was stolen - in just 20 seconds.

The Range was taken from Howdle Road, Burntwood, at 1.36am on Thursday (March 21).

The footage shows the car thief calmly approaching the bronze and gold-modified Evoque Dynamic, before opening and stealing the vehicle.

He was able to get into the car by using cloned car keys.

I'm shocked and it's left me feeling physically sick, I haven't moved out of the kitchen all day, I've scanned our CCTV and he spent about five minutes by our house, eying it up. He touched the back of the car and started to fumble around in his pocket. It was gone in 24 seconds.I've got a Faraday bag, which is meant to stop the cloning of car keys. I've only had the car eight months.It pinged on the Automatic Number Plate Registration (ANPR) cameras earlier heading towards Weeford. Me and my husband work bloody hard, we're both gutted. The number plates have probably been changed now, I had a private registration: K4 RWY but it's gone, just like that."

Keri Yates, Car owner