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Amazing offers to make dream wedding come true for father with weeks to live

  • Jamie Sellers has an inoperable brain tumor
  • With just weeks to live he wants to marry his partner Maria
  • ITV News Central viewers have offered their services to make the wedding happen

A man who appeared on ITV News Central after being diagnosed with a brain tumour and given weeks to live has received amazing offers to help make his dream wedding come true.

Viewers responded to the report, which aired on Friday, featuring Jamie Sellers, 34, from Bromsgrove by offering their services to make sure his wedding goes ahead.

More than £2,800 has also been raised via a Go-Fund-Me page.

One viewer donated £50 and another offered to make the couple a wedding cake.

Mr Sellers went to the doctors with an ache in his leg, but was told he has a brain tumour that can't be operated on.

They're parents to 3-year-old Logan and dreamed of a big family wedding in a few years.

Local businesses are holding fundraising events, and many are giving their services for the big day, with the wedding booked at Manor Hill House and a dress donated.

Jamie and Maria will be pronounced husband and wife on the 14th of May.